John Mayson

John Mayson was born in Georgia, but lived in several states including Oklahoma, Louisiana, Connecticut, and Kentucky before moving to Tampa during elementary school. He graduated from high school in North Richland Hills, Texas before studying electrical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. John excelled in both his math & science classes and history, but chose to make engineering his career and let history enrich his personal life and lead him to the Sons of the American Revolution.

Growing up in Florida, John was enthralled with the space program. One of his fondest memories was riding his bike to school on a cool (for Florida) morning and seeing Discovery launch, the view framed perfectly by two palm trees and the rising sun in the east. After graduating John would move to Florida’s Space Coast and work on a variety of programs including the International Space Station. A small module that John tested is orbiting 200 miles above us.

He and his family moved to Austin in 1998 and have lived in the area ever since. While John has continued to work on a variety of projects, his current office is only a few feet from where he first sat so long ago.

John had a passing interest in genealogy, but it took hold in 2021 when he discovered Col. James Mayson, his 6th great-grandfather was buried at the Ninety Six National Historical Site in South Carolina. The Scotland-born land owner reportedly took up the first overt actions against The Crown by attacking the Star Fort, capturing the commander, and seizing all the ammunition. Col. Mayson would survive the war and settled on land along the Saluda River, land that is today Lake Greenwood State Park.