Kenneth D. Tooke

Ken TookeKen was born in Houston, Texas and is the last of five children of Roy Jr. and Jessie Tooke. After High School he earned an Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering and joined the United States Air Force as an Automatic Tracking RADAR specialist stationed in Dickinson, North Dakota. After the first winter there he became convinced that the hot summers in Texas were better than the freezing winters in North Dakota so he decided to return to Texas to finish his bachelors degree.

While attending the University of Texas he was recruited by the Air Force Reserves and after cross-training and graduating from his second technical school, this time in Intelligence Operations, he was assigned to the “Alamo Wing”  at Kelly AFB.  As a Reservist he spent more time deployed to forward locations than when on Active Duty, where during one particularly hot afternoon under the sun in the desert of Saudi Arabia, he decided that the heat of a Texas summer was better than the heat of a Saudi Arabian summer.

Back in Texas he completed his studies at The University of Texas and graduated with Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology. Married to the former Gretchen May Kimbro whom he is very proud to have stood beside in St. Margaret’s Chapel, Edinburgh Castle to exchange his vows, not knowing at the time that they both share her as a common ancestor, his 28th Great-Grandmother and her 32nd Great-Aunt.  Together they have five children who bring much joy to his life.  His Patriot ancestor is Joseph Tooke, who is listed as soldier from Onslow County, North Carolina.