DAR and SAR Honor memorial Day at TX State Cemetery

Each year the Austin Chapters of the SAR and DAR call on the TX Society of the SAR Color Guard to present the colors. This year was no different so at 9:30 am on Monday 27 May, the ceremony commenced. Patrick Henry member John Knox provides the Service flags  along with all the flags from 1775 forward flown over the US.  He also provided the bell rung to honor each area chapter member fallen in the past year. 3rd District Court of Appeals Chief Justice Jeff Rose gave the address. A large crowd of the citizens of Austin turned out for this event.

From left to right are: Mike Greco (Hill Country), blank (Patrick Henry), Robert Duckworth (Wm. Hightower), Shiidon Hawley and Jim Clements (Patrick Henry), Stu Hoyt (Wm Hightower), Frank Rohrbough (San Antonio), Chief Justice Jeff Rose, Wayne Courreges and Ken Tooke with son Harry (Patrick Henry) Tom Jackson (Robert Rankin) Henry Shoenfelt and Rick Fawkes (Patrick Henry).